A Chicago Style Christmas

I know, I know, I committed the cardinal sin of blogging….I stopped writing.  Over the past two weeks I’ve been on vacation and I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t blog once. This is not to say I didn’t cook. In fact, I’ve done so much cooking and eating in the last two weeks that I could rename the blog “What’s Elizabeth Going to Wear Now That None of Her Clothes Fit.” (Over Christmas break my brother’s favorite pastime was taking the name of my blog and turning it into an insult. Highlights included: “What’s Elizabeth Wrong About Now?”, “What’s Elizabeth Screwing Up Now?” and my personal favorite “What’s Elizabeth Complaining About Now?” That one would be a very long blog.)

So back to the food. These past two weeks I’ve covered everything from Chicago style classics to fine dining to baking disasters. In an effort to cram all of my culinary adventures into one mega post, I’ve created a very organized method. A calendar of sorts, and simply clicking on a day will bring you to a new “sub post” about my gastronomically infused vacation. Let’s get started shall we…I’ve kept you waiting long enough.

December 17th “Mom the Meatloaf!”

December 18th “Chicago vs. New York…The Great Pizza Debate”

December 19th “Duck Prosciutto and Fill Your Own Donuts”

December 20th “The Day I Truly Became a Chef”

December 21st  “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Mafia Fronts”

December 22nd “Ya Know…Rabbits”

December 23rd “And in the Morning I’m Makin WAFFLES!”

December 24th “Feast of the…Three Fishes…”

December 25th “Braised to Perfection”

December 26th “The Glee Coma”

December 27th “My Cooking Hiatus”


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