I just got word that work is canceled due to the impending snow storm. Reason #12423465679 that I love living on the east coast…they’re terrible at snow removal, and thus work and school always get canceled. If my hometown of Chicago was expecting 8 to 10 inches, the school district wouldn’t even toss you a delayed start. In fact, if you were late, you would be ostracized and labeled as an unauthentic Chicagoan. I once had a teacher taunt me when I was 4 minutes late for first period, “are you afraid of a snow flake?” He asked. No but I was afraid of hitting a patch of ice and flipping my car (which incidentally has the highest roll-over rate in its class…thanks mom and dad).

Anyway I digress…back to my happy place and the bliss of a snow day. They are truly the caramel filled center in the chocolate box of life…delightful and unexpected. My first thought when I heard work was canceled and that I would have the whole day to play, cook, and watch Nancy Myers movies in bed was…”yesss I can make Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic.” I’m so excited, this is one of my favorite dishes to make, I usually have to save it for a weekend since it’s kind of involved for a weeknight meal. The recipe comes from none other than my culinary hero…the Barefoot Contessa. Tomorrow’s post will be dedicated to my Ina Garten obsession and will detail the day I almost met her…sigh.

Be careful out there tomorrow East Coasters!


One thought on “SNOW DAY TOMMOROW

  1. As a displaced midwestern, from St. Louis, I miss snow days. It has snowed exactly ONCE since I have lived in San Francisco for the past twelve years and it literally stopped the city (people were pulling over on the streets to get out of the car and stare up at the sky confused as to what was falling down) even though none of it stuck and it melted the minute it hit the ground.

    I do not, however, miss shoveling my car out.

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