Chicken Soup for the 20something’s Soul

Today, the unthinkable happened. After being on a waiting list for over three years, my dear friend Christine DiPrinzio received an email from The Rachel Ray Show. She had been awarded tickets to the show and since she knew I wouldn’t be her friend anymore if she didn’t take me, I GET TO GO TO RACHEL RAY ON MAY 4TH!!!

Note: I did not cook this

Now, I know Rachel is often lampooned for her “un-chef” like techniques, semi-obnoxious catch phrases, complete lack of culinary pedigree, and penchant for putting her name on anything that will make her money…but…guess what? I still love her. I will admit that sometimes the pictures of her recipes look highly questionable (right…what the heck is that?)

But most of the time they’re simple, quick, delicious, and generally very inexpensive. So in honor of this joyous day and also because I was feeling sick today, I decided that I’d make some chicken soup. But not just any chicken soup. Rachel Ray’s Chicken Soup. There was just something about this recipe, maybe it was the addition of the very flavorful parsnips, the use of egg noodles instead of traditional spaghetti, or the fact that it was indeed ready in under 30 minutes, that made my love for Rach grow exponentially. It was warm and comforting and made me feel a lot better. But most importantly it’s gotten me even more excited to make the pilgrimage to Rachel’s studio in just a few short weeks!!!


3 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the 20something’s Soul

  1. Congratulations Liz, that is so exciting!! I’m sure you both will have a wonderful, memorable culinary experience! Please note my new email address, old one got hacked big time.

  2. wow, now only if the barefoot contessa shows up at your house and wants to have a cooking party then all your dreams will have come true

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