Who Cares What I Made…The Royal Wedding Is TOMORROW!

That’s right. It’s the day I’ve been waiting for ever since Will popped the question back in November. The Royal Wedding is tomorrow!!! There’s something so magical surrounding this day. It’s a fairy tale, complete with the beautiful princess, (semi) handsome prince and big giant rock. It’s a time we can all let the little girl inside of us come out, wear a tiara, and watch dreams come true. I can’t wait to see the parade, the flowers, and most importantly the dress. Obviously, I am celebrating this momentous occasion in proper fashion by throwing a Royal Wedding Watch Party. There will be champagne, decorations, and of course FOOD. I wanted the food to feel elegant and British, without having to serve meat pies and stale scones. So I’ve settled on some seasonal goodies and sweet treats that I’m sure all my friends (it’s a girls-only party by the way) will enjoy. So stay tuned for pictures, menus, and a recap of this once (well maybe twice if Harry gets married) in a life time occasion!

Onto what I cooked for dinner, which just seems so common place and un-elegant in comparison to the description of my party. Well, any way, tonight I made one of my favorite meals to grill in the summer – chicken sausage skewers. Now you might be asking yourself, how did she get a grill in that teeny New York apartment. Well I didn’t, but fortunately I have my niffty cast iron grill pan, which when inverted makes an excellent flat top to grill on. After searing the screwers (which are super simple to assemble, just layer sliced chicken sausage, bell peppers, and red onions) I popped them in the oven just to ensure they were cooked through out. When the sausages start to look wrinkly around the edges they are done.

Serve it along with some Mesclun salad and you’ve got a great weeknight meal that will cure your hankering for a backyard summer BBQ (at least for the next few weeks anyway.)


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