Cheesesteak Monday

So I caught  a little bit of slack on my last post for my weeknight meals being too healthy and boring. Well I’m sorry, but I’ve been trying to keep our weeknight dinners full of lean protein, several different kinds of veggies and little to no carbs, because I’d like my arteries to still work when I’m 30. But if you’re a reader who likes my blog for the decadent pictures of Italian food and stories about ridiculously caloric dishes like chili mac and cheese, well I can see how you’ve been a little dissapointed by the steamed salmon and cauliflower puree I’ve been making lately. (I still maintain that both of those dishes are delicious.) But I am a woman of the people and I hear you readers, I hear you.

So without any further adieu I give you…buffalo chicken cheesesteaks…on a MONDAY. When I gave Matt the shopping list tonight you would have thought we were getting a puppy. “No vegetables!?” Nope just buffalo-y chicken-y blue cheese-y goodness. Here’s how ya make it

Pound out boneless skinless chicken breasts

Slice into thin strips

Sautee with sliced onion for 5 to 7 minutes until chicken is browned on the outside and cooked through, and smile while you do it

Add some Franks Red Hot, the more you add the spicier it will be, I did a few tablespoons

Spread a sliced roll with blue cheese dressing

Finish, plate, and demolish!


2 thoughts on “Cheesesteak Monday

  1. Hey, as long as something tastes delicious, who cares whether it’s high or low in calories? Variety is the spice of life!!!

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