I am an aspiring chef, a master party planner, and a general supporter of all things fun, pretty, and tasty! I  love to cook, I love to entertain, and I love when people think I’m funny. This blog is meant to exercise those three loves…join me as I chronicle what I’m cooking now!

How often I blog:

I try to blog every other weekday. For two reasons, 1. I need a day to recharge my wittiness and 2. I usually only cook every other day, my mom instilled in me the mantra “cook once eat twice” (My mom also doesn’t understand how to comment on specific blog posts…God love her…see below.) Anyway when I’m not blogging I’m eating my leftovers or something boring like a salad…

For more on how my blog came to be check out my very first post.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. How appropriate that you blogged about butternut squash, because indirectly, butternut squash has SAVED THANKSGIVING!! I wanted to make BNS soup and decided not to peel it (loved your dressing a 2-year-old analogy!) so I halved and seeded it and put it to roast in the oven. Just before it was done,
    the oven took on a life of it’s own and began to alarm BEEP BEEP BEEP and display the ominous and enigmatic “F2” display. I couldn’t turn it off or stop the buzzing and the oven manual was very non-committal about the problem. We had to cut the power, and call a repair company. Suffice to say that we should have 2 working ovens and outdoor grill/rotisserie (in for a buck, in for a bundle, get it all repaired at once) by Thanksgiving. Would have hated to have had to deep fry the Turkey!! Those deep friers are all over the Home Stores. Well, what ever floats your boat and gets you into cooking (!?)

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