The Glee Coma

The day after Christmas I didn’t cook. I didn’t go outside. I didn’t get out of my pajamas. In fact the only accomplishment of the day was that I got through about 80% of the first season of Glee. In my mind the day after Christmas is a lazy day when you hang around, eat leftovers, and play with your presents. I took this to a new level. I don’t even think I brushed my teeth that day. I holed up in our cozy Sunroom (I first started in my bed, but then switched to the Sunroom due to its proximity to the kitchen and the readily available leftovers) armed with my laptop and 7 discs of my new television obsession, I set out to conquer Glee Season 1. I calculated that I watched over 13 hours of Glee in one day, I realize that this is sad and unhealthy, but I was really impressed with myself. I mean it takes a lot of focus and dedication, coupled with complete and utter laziness and a total lack of motivation to accomplish a feat like that…I think I deserve a medal. When my family would ask about my whereabouts my dad would simply reply “she’s in a Glee coma.” Social interactions were unwelcome unless the person was a. bringing me food or b. wanted to watch Glee with me.

Now, I realized that this is a cooking blog, and that I opened this days post admitting that I didn’t cook. But I just felt the need to share this important development in my life. I’m proud to say that I am now a full blown “Gleek.” And you can expect a steady flow of Glee quotes and references to be gracing the pages of my blog. Oh and as I mentioned, the entire day was spent grazing on leftovers and let me tell you…braised short ribs are even more insane the next day. Mmm I wish everyday were Glee coma day…

Anyone else as Glee-obsessed as me?


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